Wollongong Community Elects Local Governing Council

electionEach year, during the first day of the Bahá’í Festival of Ridvan, members of every locality where Bahá’ís live gather together and elect the Local Spiritual Assembly, a nine-member council responsible for guiding, coordinating and stimulating the Bahá’ís in their jurisdiction. This year the election took place on 20th of April.

Bahá’í elections are distinct for their lack of nomination and campaigning. The entire process is free of electioneering, nomination or canvassing. Electors vote by secret ballot for the nine people they believe best suited for membership on the local governing council according to their conscience in a spirit of prayer, giving consideration to moral character and practical ability.

This year, the elected members of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Greater Wollongong are

  • Mrs Allison Atkinson
  • Mrs Linda Caroll
  • Dr Mahnaz Fanaian
  • Mr Bahram Hashemi
  • Dr Kishan Kariippanon
  • Mr Ho San Leong
  • Dr Golshah Naghdy
  • Dr Fazel Naghdy
  • Mr Masoud Rowshan


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