Forum: Raising Children With Virtues

children with virtues

Ann Hinton will exlopre how qualities inherent in children can be cultivated twoards bringing about their true happiness in a forum  which will be held on Sunday 19 June, 4:00 pm at Wollongong Bahá’í Centre of Learning, Corner of Princes Highway and Bellambi Lane, Russell Vale.  All Welcome

This forum aims to consider the virtues or character qualities inherent in all human beings and explore effective ways that parents can nourish the essentially spiritual attributes that lead to authentic happiness.

Inspiration wIll be offered through selected Baha’i Writings on education and the program will also draw on the experience and insights of participants by addressing questions such as ‘How can we raise our children to enable humanity to foster a more just and peaceful society?’ann hinton

The forum will be presented by Mrs Ann Hinton, a retired school teacher who has lived in Wollongong for the past five years. Ann spent significant years of her childhood and youth in the UK and the Middle East. Her early professional career began in theatre as a dancer, having completed her education at the Royal Ballet School.

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