First School Holiday Camp at WBCL


The first school holiday camp for children of 5-12 years old was held at Wollongong Bahá’í Centre of Learning on 28 September 2016. The camp called: KidZ 4 Peace: Living in Harmony with Others, explored the values and environment conducive to a harmonious community through stories, songs, plays, arts, crafts and games. There were nine children who participated in the camp.

The program of the day consisted of four main sessions on harmony, justice, unity and trustworthiness, in addition to the time allocated to singing, children’s presentations, and games.

During the day, children learned how living in harmony with others looked and felt like. Despite our racial, cultural, social, physical and intellectual capabilities, everyone deserves to be accepted and treated with respect, fairness and kindness. Through stories, children understood that all the people on earth are interconnected with each other as we all live on one earth. We all need to participate, cooperate and work together for common good. We also need to use the power of unity as there is strength in unity.

More camps are planned for future school holidays.

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