Sacred Moments

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Devotional Gatherings at Wollongong Bahá’í Centre of Learning

First Sunday of every Month, 10:00 am

Corner of Princess Highway and Bellambi Lane, Russell Vale, NSW 2517

“Sacred moments” are times when we experience transcendence, deep truth, boundlessness, interconnectedness and spiritual emotions. These are instances that go beyond the limited self, ordinary time and space, and give us an experience of deep mutual understanding and care, upliftment, awe, humility, mystery, gratitude, joy, peace and serenity.

You are warmly invited to the devotional gatherings that are held monthly at Wollongong Bahá’í Centre of Learning to experience new dimensions of sacredness. In these gathering, Bahá’ís, and their friends and families unite with one another in prayer. There are no rituals; no one individual has any special role. Meetings consist largely of reading prayers and passages from Bahá’í sacred texts, and often uplifting music, in an informal yet respectful atmosphere. A spirit of communal worship is generated by these simple gatherings, and this spirit permeates the community’s collective endeavours.